Resources For State Legislators

This page contains resources for our state legislators, including information about Colorado’s Community Health Centers (CHCs), fact sheets for the 2021 legislative session, and other documents.

2021 Legislative Guidebook

  • Contains information about each of Colorado’s 20 CHCs, including legislative districts, contact information, and key statistics.

Map of Colorado CHCs

Fact Sheet: Value of CHCs 

  • Includes information about Colorado CHCs and their value for the state’s health care system.
  • Includes details and statistics on CHCs’ response to COVID-19

CHC Legislative & Budget Items of Interest

  • Highlights top 2021 legislative and budget priorities for CCHN, the unified voice for Colorado’s 20 CHCs.


Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) is the membership organization and unified voice for Colorado’s 20 federally Qualified Community Health Centers. Learn more by viewing the CCHN Brochure.

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CCHN State Policy Staff: