Peer Networks

Colorado Clinical Advisory Network (CCAN) is a section of Community Health Center (CHC) Medical Directors whose mission is to advise the CCHN Board of Directors on issues of clinical relevance and provide a forum for mutual support and information sharing. Benefits of CCAN participation include networking and peer learning opportunities, participation in quality improvement initiatives, the opportunity to work closely with partners to advocate for regulations that assist CHC providers in providing quality care, and data analysis activities to inform high quality care at CHCs.

For additional information about CCAN, please contact Jessica Sanchez,

Colorado Dental Health Network (CDHN) is comprised of CHC dental directors or their designated dental staff representatives. CDHN’s primary purpose is to improve the oral health of the patients served in community, migrant, and homeless CHCs by assuring reasonable access and quality of care. Benefits of CDHN participation include opportunities to network and enhance relationships of mutual support and information sharing through participation in round table discussions related to clinic issues.

For additional information about CDHN, please contact Holly Kingsbury,

Colorado Behavioral Health Advisory Network (CBHAN) is composed of the CHC Behavioral Health Directors. This section functions as a forum for behavioral health leadership at CHCs to engage in behavioral health integration and improve behavioral health services through collaboration and sharing of promising care models. The group provides updates to CCAN and the Board of Directors on the status of behavioral health integration in Colorado CHCs and to identify strategic priorities.

For additional information about CBHAN, please contact Taylor Miranda Thompson,

Quality Improvement (QI) Peer Group is comprised of Quality Directors and QI leaders at CHCs. QID convenes this group quarterly to provide a venue for discussing promising practices, innovations, regulations, and challenges across CHC’s quality efforts. Benefits of QI Peer Group participation includes peer networking, gathering information about upcoming initiatives and funding opportunities, and case-based discussion of QI successes and challenges. CCHN’s QI Newsletter is created and shared with this group monthly.

For additional information about the Quality Improvement Peer Group, please contact Valerie Nielsen at