About CCHN

Founded in 1982, the Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) represents the 20 Colorado Community Health Centers, the largest primary care network in the state, serving more than one in seven Coloradans. CCHN is committed to:

  1. Educating policy makers and stakeholders about the unique needs of Community Health Centers (CHCs) and their patients.
  2. Providing resources to ensure that CHCs are strong organizations.
  3. Supporting CHCs in maintaining the highest quality care.


Our Mission

CCHN’s mission is to increase access to high quality health care for people in need in Colorado.

Our Corporate Culture Values

  • Integrity
  • Abundance
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Innovation

CCHN’s mission is accomplished by several divisions within the organization, including:

Policy Division

The Policy Division advocates legislative and regulatory policies that will increase access to health care for the medically underserved, including Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus(CHP+) recipients, and those who are uninsured or underinsured. The Policy Division:

  1. Promotes policies that will support CHCs in their role as the largest, proven primary health care system in the state;
    Coordinates a statewide grassroots network of citizen activists;
  2. Includes Colorado Covering Kids and Families, a coalition-based project that works to ensure that all eligible children and adults are enrolled in public health insurance programs; and
  3. Provides CCHN news and public communications.

Division members include: Stephanie Brooks, Maureen Maxwell, Liz Tansey, Shoshana Preuss, Grace Trautman, and Erin Varnum.

Health Center Operations Division

The Health Center Operations (HCOPS) Division focuses on growing, strengthening, and sustaining CHCs in Colorado. The HCOPS Division provides technical assistance, training, data analysis, and other resources to CHCs and other partners in the areas of:

  1. Health Center Operational and Financial Systems;
  2. Health Center Workforce Development Activities; and
  3. Health Center Community Development Activities.

The Health Center Operations Division maintains effective relationships with partners to promote and support CHCs in Colorado. Division members include: Suzanne Smith, Sarah Macrander, Mickayla Walters and Emily Krizmanich.

Quality Initiatives Division

The Quality Initiatives Division (QID) supports the Community Health Centers (CHCs) in providing high quality health care to people in need through quality improvement and systems changes. QID helps CHCs improve their care delivery through ongoing coaching and training in quality improvement. QID and Colorado CHC quality initiatives include:

  1. Patient-Centered Medical Home;
  2. Team-based care interventions to improve population health;
  3. Clinical networks for medical, oral, and behavioral health professionals;
  4. Oral health and behavioral health integration;
  5. Special populations;
  6. Social determinants of health and health equity;
  7. Health Center Emergency Preparedness.

Division members include: Jessica Sanchez, Holly Kingsbury, Taylor Miranda Thompson, Mike Marosits, Lex Miller, and Katey Schuster.