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 Through the Eye of a Visionary: Dr. Virgilio Licona

A documentary on the life and contributions of Dr. Virgilio Licona as a Chicano activist and health care professional


This documentary portrays Dr. Licona’s contributions to the Community Health Center movement from the early 1970s to the present day in Colorado. Dr. Licona was able to identify health disparities within his community, and problem-solved throughout his lifetime to fulfill unmet needs in underserved areas.

This educational video and study guide provides a tremendous opportunity to honor Dr. Licona’s legacy. It is a catalyst for reflection, discussion, and inspiration, and a learning tool for the next generation of professional health care workers impassioned to join the Community Health Center movement.

View the short video:

Through the Eye of a Visionary “Dr. Virgilio Licona” (8:47 min.)

Full documentary:

“A Product of the Chicano Movement Part 1”
“A Product of the Chicano Movement Part 2”

Discussion Resource:

CCHN Toolkit – Through the Eye of a Visionary includes information to facilitate a discussion around this documentary, including topics covering social justice, community-oriented primary care, access to health care, and workforce diversity. The documentary is also broken down into short video segments to enable discussion:

Segment 1: Personal Background and Historical Setting (3:30 min.)
Segment 2: The Chicano and Anti-war Movements (3:20 min.)
Segment 3: Giving Back to the Community (8:56 min.)
Segment 4: Becas Para Aztlán (2:11 min.)
Segment 5: Return to Northern Colorado (4:04 min.)
Segment 6: Manager Health Care (6:45 min.)
Segment 7: Salud Family Health Center’s Success (1:47 min.)
Segment 8: Dr. Licona: Product of the Chicano Movement (8:32 min.)

For more information on the documentary and related study materials, please contact:
Jessica Sanchez, Vice President of Quality and Operations