Special Populations

The Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) has identified agricultural workers, patients in public housing, homeless patients, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) patients as populations whose circumstances require special attention in order to meet their healthcare needs. In addition, the state of Colorado has identified HIV/Aids patients as another group requiring assistance. CCHN provides CHCs with training and technical assistance to improve the quality of care for these patient populations.

Agricultural Workers: CCHN provides networking opportunities and promising practice sharing for Migrant Health Directors at CHCs and facilitates partnerships with Migrant HeadStart programs. CCHN participates in the Ag Worker Access 2020 Campaign Task Force, which works to serve no less than 2 million agricultural workers and their families nationwide by 2020.

LGBTQ: CCHN provides networking opportunities and promising practice sharing for CHC staff regarding improving LGBTQ health care. CCHN shares resources and lessons learned from national partners and collaborates with content experts to deliver trainings to CHC staff.

Please contact Victoria Anderson, vanderson@cchn.org, for additional information.

For Media Inquiries

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