CHC Resource Center

Community Health Center (CHC) Resource Center

Welcome to the Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) Community Health Center (CHC) Resource Center, an online library of educational and resource materials. The Resource Center contains current presentations, resource documents, and tools/templates to be accessed at any time.

How to Use the Resource Center

The Resource Center is organized into five categories based on the health center requirements, as described in the Health Center Program Compliance Manual (Compliance Manual). The Site Visit Protocol (SVP) provides additional guidance for health centers. BPH started using the SVP for any site visits after January 22, 2018. You can click on the links below to access a list of resources related to each category.

Note: The Compliance Manual was published and became effective on September 28. 2017. A majority of previously released Policy Information Notices (PINs) and Program Assistance Letters (PALs) were superseded by the Compliance Manual, including, but not limited to:

  • PINs 2001-16 and 2002-22: Credentialing and Privileging of Health Center Practitioners and Clarification of BPHC Credentialing & Privileging Policy Outlined in PIN 2001-16
  • PIN 2013-01: Health Center Program Budgeting and Accounting Requirements
  • PIN 2014-01: Health Center Program Governance
  • PIN 2014-02: Sliding Fee Discount and Related Billing and Collections Program Requirements
  • PAL 2014-08: Health Center Program Requirements Oversight

Page 6 of the Compliance Manual provides a longer list of PINs and PALs superseded by the Compliance Manual. Meanwhile, Appendix A on page 86 contains the list of PINs that remain in effect.

The Resource Center is being updated to reflect the details included in the Compliance Manual. In the meantime, reach out to Suzanne Smith or Kim Moyer with any questions about what documents remain pertinent based on the release of the Compliance Manual.