Leadership Development Program

 Leadership Development Program

Program Overview

This, new companion program has been created to address the out of office time burden for providers. The BSET Leadership Development Program (LDP) will include similar BSET content topics via in-person trainings and web-based sessions. LDP is not replacing the standard BSET training, but rather is designed to be an option for CHC providers that may not otherwise be able to participate. LDP will also accept leadership personnel to register in this training.

  • LDP participants can choose to participate in the LDP only,
  • Or participants can attend LDP as a dedicated provider who will support a BSET team.
  • Note, all BSET teams are required to have two providers support their teams either by attending the standard BSET or LDP trainings.

LDP participants may be either:

  • providers from medicine, dentistry, or behavioral health that have a BSET Team participating in the 2018-2019 cohort; or
  • executive level leadership and operations staff or providers from small clinics unable to support a full team at BSET that are interested in improving team effectiveness.

The intent is not only to recruit providers to support BSET teams, but also to give smaller, more rural clinics that wouldn’t be able to send a full team to BSET an opportunity to participate. The standard BSET program will continue to run similarly to previous cohorts – learn more about BSET here.


$150/LDP participant


Capstone and Coaching:

LDP leaders will schedule a minimum of 4 one-hour coaching sessions.  For leaders representing BSET Teams, coaching will be done with the BSET Team. Coaching begins after Webinar 1. For leaders without a BSET Team, coaching will be done one on one via Zoom.

Please contact Thristina Kanka at tkanka@cchn.org with any questions.