Community Health Centers bring economic activity and health care careers to communities across Colorado

DENVER― Colorado Community Health Network released a new economic analysis today that shows that Community Health Centers contribute at least $1.2 billion in economic activity to Colorado’s economy, and they bring thousands of health care careers, as well as health care access, to communities that would not otherwise have them.

In 2016, Colorado Community Health Centers contributed about $1.2 billion in economic activity to Colorado’s economy. This included $583 million in direct operating expenditures in local economies, and additional economic activity totaling $644 million.

“In addition to bringing access to high quality primary health care to communities and populations that otherwise would not have these services, Colorado Community Health Centers bring health care careers to communities in need across the state and generated additional jobs,” explained Annette Kowal, President and CEO of Colorado Community Health Network.

In 2016, Colorado Community Health Centers directly employed the equivalent of 5,353 full-time employees (some positions are part-time, so actual number of employees is slightly higher.) The presence of Colorado Community Health Centers supported an additional 4,426 jobs in other businesses in their communities.

Community Health Centers are among the largest employers in local communities, including in many of the state’s most economically challenged areas.

  • They directly help local economies by purchasing goods and services from local businesses.
  • Employees spend their paychecks with local businesses.
  • Community Health Centers engage in building and remodeling projects, acting as catalysts for economic revitalization by attracting investment and other businesses to local communities.
  • Community Health Centers attract and retain more residents, businesses, and employment by adding to local economic activity.
  • In 2016, Colorado Community Health Centers delivered high quality, comprehensive primary health care to more than 1 in 8 Coloradans. Since then, that has grown to 1 in 7.

In addition, Community Health Centers brought $114 million in federal grants to Colorado. They contributed approximately $177 million in tax revenue to Colorado in 2016, including $46 million in state and local taxes, and $131 million in federal taxes.


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