COVID-19 Telehealth Resources

This page contains resources related to Telehealth for Colorado CHCs. We have organized the information by telehealth topic to help you find what you need quickly. We will update our information as the situation changes and we learn more. If you have any suggestions for this page or specific questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone at CCHN.


Guidance Document for Patient Assessment via Synchronous Teledentistry: A guide to coaching patients through a teledentistry visit to obtain optimal images for assessment via video or photo. Created by Scott Howell, DMD, MPH, this link also includes one of his recorded webinars on the topic.


Telehealth Program Assistance Letter (PAL 2020-01)Within the context of the Health Center Program scope of project, “telehealth” is not a service or a service delivery method requiring specific HRSA approval; rather, telehealth is a mechanism or means for delivering a health service(s) to CHC patients using telecommunications technology or equipment. As such, CHCs are not required to seek prior approval from HRSA for a change in scope to use telehealth, nor separately record the use of telehealth as the means, to deliver a service that is already in scope on Form 5A: Services Provided or to explicitly indicate the use of telehealth on Form 5A.  

Draft Telehealth Policy Information Notice from HRSA

Workflows, Processes, and Protocols

CHC Telehealth Examples: CHC examples of policies, procedures, and workflows related to telehealth are available in the links below. For documents that are password protected please use the password for CCHN’s members-only website. CCHN is seeking sample telehealth/telephone visit workflows, policies, and procedures from Colorado CHCs. If you have a sample to share, please send it to

Telehealth Examples from Community Health Centers

Please note with the rapid developments for telehealth these documents may have been updated since the date they were shared with CCHN.

Other Telehealth Examples and Resources: