Colorado CHCs Support Strengthening Medicaid and Health of Coloradans

DENVER― On behalf of Colorado’s Community Health Centers (CHCs), I wish to thank Gov. Hickenlooper for
announcing his administration’s support for efforts to strengthen Medicaid and the health of Coloradans by
expanding eligibility for Medicaid to thousands of working Coloradans who are currently uninsured. Gov.
Hickenlooper called for the state to follow new federal guidelines that will soon include individuals making up to
133 percent of the Federal Poverty Level in Medicaid. He also called on the Colorado Department of Health
Care Policy and Financing to continue to find additional savings to help Medicaid run as efficiently as possible.

Medicaid coverage is beneficial and essential to the physical, mental, and financial health of the families it
serves. Colorado’s CHCs are well positioned and ready to help meet the health care needs of these
individuals. Colorado’s CHCs currently see more than 171,000 Medicaid patients, and many of those who
stand to gain coverage under this Medicaid expansion already call a CHC their health care home. CHCs look
forward to continuing to meet the unique health care needs of these very low-income individuals as they gain
Medicaid coverage by providing comprehensive primary care, including care coordination, translation, and
other health care services.

We know that there are costs to the state of undertaking this effort, and there will be healthy debate about how
to manage that. We also know that the long term human and economic benefits of Medicaid outweigh the short
term costs. Access to health care helps people stay healthy and at work or school and participating in their

Thank you, Gov. Hickenlooper, for your leadership. The CHCs of Colorado look forward to working with you to achieve a stronger Medicaid program and a healthier state.