Building Skills for Effective Teams (BSET)

Program Overview

Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) and the Center of Nursing Excellence (the Center) are hosting    BSET. BSET is a highly-rated training program, designed specifically for Community Health Centers (CHCs), which focuses on expanding participants’ leadership expertise, interpersonal knowledge, and emotional intelligence needed to confidently function within their CHC’s integrated care teams and quality improvement efforts.

new companion program has been created – BSET Leadership Development Program (LDP) – to address concerns about “out-of-clinic” time for providers. LDP will include similar BSET content topics via class and web-based sessions that will have a reduced out-of-clinic time. LDP is not replacing the standard BSET training, but rather is designed to be an option for CHCs that may not otherwise be able to participate. LDP participants can choose to participate in the LDP only. Or, participants can attend LDP as a dedicated provider who will support a BSET team. The standard BSET program will continue to run similarly to previous cohorts.

Click here for more information about the new Leadership Development Program (LDP).

What are BSET and LDP?

Over the course of a 12-month period, the BSET program will include four 3 day workshops (or one 3 day workshop and 3 web-based sessions for LDP participants) with ongoing team coaching between sessions, and the implementation of a Uniform Data System (UDS) quality improvement capstone project.

Workshops and web-based sessions will focus on providing and practicing in real-time an expanded set of skills and abilities needed to develop, lead, and be part of effective inter-professional and integrated care teams.

CHC teams and leaders will learn about team building elements through the inter-professional collaborative practice analysis; implementation of the evidence-based Team Excellence model; development of a team capstone focused on a UDS quality measure; and exploration of ongoing leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, DiSC work style inventory, strengths assessment, and conflict resolution skills reinforcement.

This training is intended to support CHCs’ quality initiative projects with CCHN such as: team based care; PCMH (patient centered medical home); SIM (State Innovation Model), Evidence Now Southwest; and CHC integrated care implementation, transformation, and advancement.

Components of BSET Teams:

Teams must include at least two providers from the following professions: primary care physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dentists, psychiatrists, psychologists, LCSWs, marriage and family therapists, and other licensed behavioral health providers.

Teams can range in size from four to seven CHC staff members.

Remaining team members can be any other member of the team such as registered nurses, case managers, behavioral health staff, medical assistants, dental assistants, and other frontline clinical and nonclinical support staff who work with primary care providers.

Providers will choose to register and attend LDP or the full BSET Training.


$300/BSET participant
$150/LDP participant

Capstone and Coaching:

  • Over the course of the year together, teams will complete a UDS quality metric-focused capstone project and complete a final presentation.
  • After sessions two, three, and four, teams will huddle weekly for team-building and capstone work.
  • The year-end capstone project will help to provide additional focus to the learning process and culmination of skills.
  • Team coaching throughout the year will be provided from the Center for Nursing Excellence.
  • Teams will meet with coaches for up to three 1-hour coaching sessions.
  • Team coaching sessions focus on new skill integration, creating a solution-focus approach to completing capstone, and team-building strategies.

Please contact Thristina Kanka at  with any questions.