Quality Initiatives Division

The Quality Initiatives Division (QID) supports the Colorado Community Health Centers (CHCs) in providing high quality health care to people in need through quality improvement and systems changes. QID helps CHCs improve their care delivery through ongoing coaching and training in quality improvement. The Quality Initiatives Division has several coaches assigned to work with CHCs on the following:

Peer Networks: In order to support improvement projects, QID coordinates formal peer learning networks for CHC Medical Directors, Dental Directors, and Behavioral Health Providers to encourage shared learning and problem solving and to identify and develop best practices.

Practice Transformation: CCHN provides various forms of technical assistance to facilitate continued transformation around components of Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). Practice coaches focus on enhancing the following efforts of CHCs: patient engagement, social determinants of health, collecting informative data, oral health integration, behavioral health integration, care coordination, and innovative technologies. In addition, CCHN helps CHCs utilize health information technology (HIT) in a way that aligns with quality improvement efforts and improves care delivered.

Oral Health Integration: CCHN provides targeted training, technical assistance, and collaborative learning opportunities to support CHCs’ efforts to further integrate oral health into the care delivery system.

Special Populations: QID provides CHCs with training and technical assistance to improve the quality of care for special populations including agricultural workers, patients in public housing, homeless patients, HIV/AIDS patients, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) patients.

Emergency Preparedness: CCHN supports CHCs with emergency preparedness technical assistance, equipment, training planning, exercises, communication and disaster-coordination.

Cancer Screenings: CCHN participates in initiatives focused on improving breast cancer, colorectal, and cervical cancer screening rates in Colorado’s CHCs.

IHI Scholarship Program: CCHN provides scholarships and travel support to CHC staff to attend Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) offerings including, virtual programs, trainings, and conferences.


For additional information on CCHN’s QID activities, please contact:

Jessica Sanchez, Vice President of Quality and Operations
Paula Davis, Emergency Preparedness Specialist
Victoria Gersuk, Quality Initiatives Manager
Maria Casaverde Marin, Quality Initiatives Specialist
Holly Kingsbury, Oral Health Program Manager
Taylor Miranda, Quality Initiatives Specialist
Johanna Gelderman, Quality Initiatives Coordinator